Eating Trans-Fats while breast-feeding May Plump Up Baby

fat_babyBreast-fed babies are much more likely to put on excess body fat if their mother's diet is high in trans fats, found a new study.
U. S. The researchers analysed more than 90 women and their babies, and found children whose mothers ate more than 4.5 grams of trans fats a day while you are breast-feeding were twice as likely to have a high percentage of body fat than babies whose mothers consumed lower amounts of fat,
According to HealthDay News.

The study also found that mothers who ate more than 4.5 grams a day of trans fat had an almost six times greater risk of excessive fat accumulation.
Researchers predict intake of trans fatty acids could have a more significant weight gain effect on women when they are breast-feeding than at other times in life.
The findings were lately published online in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Trans fat is widely used in commercially fried and baked goods, including donuts, cakes, Cookies, pastries and fried fast foods.Its use is popular because of their long shelf life, inexpensive and can be used several times in the deep without being bad, but the fat effect on consumers' health can be extremely harmful.
While American Heart Association recommends getting no more than 2 grams of trans fat daily, experts recommend staying away from fat completely.
More research to see how the mother's fatty food affects your child's long term health, study notes.

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