Men better at sweating than women

sweating A study published in the journal Experimental Physiology shows that men are better at sweating than women. Women don't sweat as much or as effectively as Men. Now there is science to prove that "Men sweat more - and better than women".

Researchers measured the rate at which both men and women perspired while cycling one hour under controlled conditions.Men who were physically fit sweats easier than any other, and men, general, also appeared to benefit more from exercise than did women.
Men were also better at sweating during exercise, thus lowering their body temperature.

Study leader Dr Yoshimitsu Inoue, from Osaka International University of Japan, said: 'It appears that women are at a disadvantage when they need to sweat a lot during training, especially in live, active conditions. This difference became more pronounced as the level of activity increased. Physically fit people start sweating at a lower core body temperature.

And since sweat is the body's way to cool off of (and keep from overheating), This allowed men to last longer, According to the researchers. Women generally have less body water than men and can become dehydrated more easily. Therefore, lower sweat loss in women may be an adaptation strategy that emphasizes survival in a warm environment, while the increased sweat rate in men may be a strategy for improved efficiency of operation or labour.
It looks like women are at a disadvantage when they need to sweat a lot during training, especially in hot weather, said Yoshimitsu Inoue, study coordinator and a researcher at Osaka International University in Japan.

The researchers had 37 subjects cycle for an hour with increasing intensity - active topics had participated in endurance sports for more than six years, while inactive subjects had, mostly, not performed regular physical activity in the previous three years.

Prior research has shown a correlation between the male sex hormone testosterone, physical exercise and an increase in sweat rate.
Although they did not measure testosterone in their subjects, the researchers suggests that the hormone may play a key role in the results.

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